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Ford Part Numbers  
12:03am 17/05/2015
First Digit = Decade (E = 80s)
Second Digit = Last Digit of year introduced or last revised
Third Digit = Model (3 = Tempo)
Fourth Digit = Design Engineering Office


E83E-8594-CE (88 or 89 Ford Tempo Water Outlet)

E43F-8B607-AA (1984 Ford Tempo Fan Switch)
F13F-8B607-AA (1991 " ")
E8DB-14489-A (Fan Switch Connector)
E7DB-14603-FA (Fan Switch Rubber Insulator

E6DB-14489-ALA (Radiator Fan Connector Body)
E6DB-14N003-LA (" " Cover)
E6DB-14603-MA (" " Rubber Insulator)
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still alive  
07:08pm 25/05/2014
So... a lot has changed since I last posted. I dropped out of school, broke up with my girlfriend of four years, moved out of that apartment into a friend from high school's house, bought an 85 Escort with manual brakes, steering, and 4 speed.... sold said Escort for 50 dollars less than I paid for it, drank more often than I probably ever have, tried a bunch of drugs, met the love of my life, moved further away from my job than I ever thought I would, became absolutely broke, sold my guitars, finally went to see a psychiatrist, therapist, got put on lexapro, zoloft, cymbalta, ativan... actually getting married on June 7th, may lose my insurance because of lack of hours at work.

I now own 4 Apple //e computers, constantly cursing myself because I can't even keep motivated to learn BASIC, let alone assembly language. Also have an Atari MegaST2 but haven't used it because I have no software and don't have the right TOS version to use IBM formatted diskettes, but maybe eventually...

My goal is still to be able to write MIDI programs in mostly assembly language on the apple //e to control my vintage gear. Yea, not really good for making money, but when have I ever been into that?
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The Corporation  
04:00pm 18/11/2012
I usually am not a big fan of biased documentaries, but this one had enough CEOs saying ridiculous things that I thought it was pretty amusing. Michael Moore was in it, who I've decided to come around on. I always saw him as a sellout, using big media to shock people into believing stuff but maybe this isn't the case. He explained his mission is to be the rope the capitalist hangs himself with.

...and now Kobe Bryant thinks he's going to end homelessness.

At least he's trying?
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11:51pm 09/11/2012

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(no subject)  
10:24pm 08/11/2012
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Winter is coming  
09:04pm 08/11/2012
So, my little truck has been having issues. I replaced the clutch master cylinder but it turns out it's defective and leaked all the fluid out on my way home from work a while back. It was fun getting home without being able to use my clutch. I haven't had the time to replace it yet again so I've been on the bike.

Since winter is coming that means snow and that means I can't drive, since my truck is horrible in the snow. I've done a few snowfalls with the current tires on my bike:

But this has been scary at times due to the lack of studs. They are good on and off road, in rain, but ice and snow is a big weakness. Luckily I get three checks this month, and am considering these:


They are considered "Aggressive All-Purpose" 26in. x 47mm and 240 carbide studs. Makes me wish I lived in Canada, so I could try them out in some real snow.

Also, I just realize it's been almost two months since I last put gas in my tank. I love laughing at people complaining about gas prices and how it's the government's fault when they drive 40 miles to work every day. I bike less than two, but you know, I live by brown people too. They can't have that.
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"free" market  
03:40am 06/11/2012
This idea that the consumers steer the economy and create demand is misleading at best. As far as I can tell, the companies with the most money steer the economy by aggressive marketing, planned obsolescence, and market manipulation. False demand is created through conditioning through advertisement. Even so called "educated" consumers will compare specifications of two items, knowing what is considered "better" specifications, but not realising what most of the technical terms even mean. Planned obsolescence is something most noticable in computer electronics, especially software. Microsoft Windows has what I think an unrealistic shelf life, forcing people to upgrade by dropping support for older versions, and making the hardware specifications higher and higher with each release. Linux, on the other hand, can still run on older computers and be just as secure as on a newer one.

I have to admit that the computer I'm currently using is running Windows 7 and that I bought it second hand from a co-worker. My main desktop computer is an oldy but goody. A Duron 750Mhz 384MB RAM running Debian Squeeze just fine. I use Ardour and Rosegarden as well as hydrogen drum machine. One thing I love about Debian is that it comes with 8 DVDs of software. Windows 7 came with a trial version of office student edition, nothing else. What bothers me about computers though is it seems that they have become tools for internet browsing and not much else, but they are capable of much more than that.

I am going to end this here, I'm losing focus on what made me start this post in the first place.
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finally an update  
09:44pm 04/11/2012
I rarely get the urge to update this, mainly because I know that know one reads it and I don't really like to my life "out there" for all to see. Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about politics lately, unsurprisingly, and I just really hate that it's just so horrible to lean left in this country. I don't really like either candidate for the United States presidency, but if I had to choose, Barack Obama is definitely the smarter choice. I love how people call him a socialist. I don't think people know what socialism is. I think they just associate countries that call/have called themselves socialists with the word socialism and think that they are related somehow. As far as I know, one form of government alone has never been enacted in all it's ideology, but I feel like socialism has never even come near to anything that was written about by academics. Not to mention communism, something so out there in ideals it could never be employed on human beings as we know them. Anyways, I tend to think that a lot of socialistic ideas make complete sense to me, especially production for use .

Putting politics aside, I am now the proud owner of an Apple IIe enhanced with a duodisk and monitor II that I plan on learning to program. I bought it to go with an eventual Kurzweil 150FS and there was a very rare Passport Designs MIDI interface up for auction at the same time. Unfortunately I won the computer and not the card, which sold for as much as the computer. It's in really good shape though, and I see they still make expansion cards and software for it, which is pretty amazing. Found out it uses an open design, meaning it's really easy to customize the computer to your own needs. Apparently that was something Wozniak felt was important, because that stopped when Jobs started calling the shots, not to mention the start of the marketing department doing the engineering.

Musically, I've added a Kawai K5m and an XD-5 to my setup. I've built a ROM switching board for my R-100 thanks to the information at Burnkit2600 and exfade.org , which hosts the binaries. Now I have the R50, R50e, and R100 all at my disposal in one machine.

Also, found a really good livejournal ontd political which is part of the reason why I'm updating at this time. Apparently I don't post enough to be allowed a member, so perhaps some motivation to post more often. Who knows.
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A few notes  
08:51pm 18/09/2011
I visited Dundee park in north Saint Louis county, but was disappointed. I don't think this park is maintained at all. There are not any signs marking it as a park. The road to it is two strips of gravel, and I wasn't sure if it was even open to the public. At the end of the road are two houses, one of them possibly vacant (it was for sale), and an overgrown field which is the "park". There appears to be an abandoned building in the middle of the park, but I didn't stick around to explore this time. It's in Glasgow Village CDP, not really the best neighborhood to be snooping around in. Maybe I'll go back when I can get someone to go with me.

I visited the St. Louis County library headquarters today and looked at some newspapers from 1980. Seems like the same old thing, different year.

One article I found was for a proposal to make Dunn and Pershall Roads both one way. According to the article, the interchange of 270 and 170 was under construction, planned to be completed between 1983 and 1985. Dunn would be one way westbound, Pershall one way eastbound, between Lindbergh and Lewis & Clark Boulevard (MO 367). It stated this was unrelated to the innerbelt construction.

Another was to replace part of Old Town Clayton with condominiums. 132-140 N. Central Ave. would eventually become condominiums in 1983. The address becomes 139 N. Central Ave. #A-P. 123 N. Bemiston Ave. is also built in 1983 as a single family dwelling. At the time Clayton residents objected to multi-family homes citing that they would bring down property values.

I have some more but they will wait until next time.
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Atantis is here  
12:51pm 05/06/2011
Got my Atlantis about a little over a week ago, and have been super anxious to get it built up. Most of the remaining parts I need are being sent now and will be here mid week.

SKF heavy duty bottom bracket
SKS P65 fenders
Pletscher double kickstand
Dia Compe Gran Comp ENE Ciclo 80mm stem
3 King bottle holders
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